Top Tips to Create a Lucrative Online Store

Getting ready to open up your first online store is an exciting time for any entrepreneur. Whether you are selling handmade jewelry, clothes, pottery, art, or anything else, creating an accessible store online is a great way to extend your reach nationally and internationally. One of the wonderful things about developing your own online store is the ability to customize the user experience as much or as little as you want. There are a few important things that you can do (with no IT support required!) to ensure your store is a success.

1. Find a user-friendly web template

Over 90% of buyers find visual appearance to be the most important factor when making a purchase online. While some companies may hire a web designer or learn to code, this approach may be too expensive for a small business. The good news is, many website vendors offer affordable, easy-to-use website templates that business can customize to their specific needs.

2. Use international merchant services

Owning an online store helps small businesses discover new markets beyond the United States. Intuitive web templates are compatible with international merchant services that provide multi-currency e-commerce transactions. With these services, international customers can pay for your goods in their local currency. International merchant services offer flexibility for you as a vendor, and for potential customers.

3. Offer top-notch customer support

Living in 2018, we all know the difference between good and bad online support. With your store, you want to make sure your customers know that they will receive timely, effective, and friendly support after making a purchase, if necessary. This guaranteed support will keep customers coming back for more. One of the best methods to ensure comprehensive support is a live-chat module.

4. Create an inviting “About Us" page

A strong “About Us" page is almost as important as customer support or website design. It is your chance to discuss who you are, what you do, what you offer to clients, and why they should buy your product. This page can include testimonials, awards, and contact information, such as your business email, address, and all social media channels. A smart approach to the “About Us" page is a minimalist design promoting the best your business has to offer.

Getting started with an online store by finding a user-friendly web template, using international merchant services, offering beneficial customer support, and creating an “About Us" helps to build trust and customer loyalty. This can be critical to get your first online store up and running. These best practices are just the tip of the iceberg to build and maintain a lucrative online store. Business owners can also create a SEO-driven blog to offer tips for customers, a customer product reviews page, and much more.